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Welcome to Taupo Heating Solutions, your one-stop destination for cutting-edge Fujitsu heat pumps that cater to all your heating, cooling, and indoor climate control needs.

Whether you’re searching for a perfect solution for your cosy home, bustling office, or spacious commercial space, we’ve got you covered.

With an extensive range of heat pumps, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, floor consoles, and ducted systems, we ensure that you’ll find the ideal match for your space.

Our advanced models come equipped with Wifi capabilities and automated climate control, enabling you to manage your indoor comfort effortlessly.

Say goodbye to fluctuating temperatures and embrace the utmost comfort with our top-of-the-line Fujitsu heat pumps.

Wall Mounted Heat Pumps

Energy-efficient wall mounted units. The Lifestyle range has a stylish design, along with efficient features like Human Sensor Control and Economy mode have been combined to offer user flexibility and total control around the comfort of their home.


The Comfort Range is the latest solution for energy efficient, all-year-round climate control for the home. With an award-winning design, the Comfort Range is a reliable and trusted solution with a selection of options to suit almost any room.


Fujitsu’s console range offers a variety of capacities to suit your space. They deliver very fast heating/cooling. An ideal alternative if you don’t have wall space available for a traditional wall mounted heat pump / air conditioner.


The Fujitsu range of cassettes are visually discreet, with a non-intrusive grille design that sits neatly under the ceiling. Air can be distributed throughout the space in multiple directions, providing an even temperature distribution and all-round comfort.


The ducted heat pump / air conditioning systems provide whole home comfort. Using a single system concealed in the ceiling, it’s quiet, easy to operate and energy efficient, designed to heat or cool multiple rooms or the entire home using optional zone control.

Fujitsu General anywAiR® technology

Fujitsu General has a range of control options to enable Wi-Fi control of your heat pump / air conditioner.

This cutting-edge anywAiR technology infrared Wi-Fi device gives you the opportunity to remotely monitor and control your heat pump / air conditioner, giving you year-round comfort for your indoor space.

This device is easy to install and compatible with your Fujitsu indoor heat pump / air conditioner. Whether you’re at the office or a football game, you can feel confident about coming back to a comfortable home.

The anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi device enables Wi-Fi control of a range of heat pump / air conditioning units up to 10 years old.

The Wi-Fi adaptor plugs easily into your Lifestyle wall-mounted heat pump / air conditioner and the anywAiR® technology ducted controller enables Wi-Fi control of a range of whole home ducted systems.

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