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About us

Our vision

Welcome to Taupo Heating Solutions, your local hub for premium heat pump and air conditioning solutions in Taupo. Our vision is to be your ultimate choice for exceptional heating and cooling solutions, guiding you seamlessly from our initial conversation to the creation of a comfortable climate-controlled environment to suit your needs.

Our mission

What propels us forward? Bringing you superior, cost-effective heat pump and air conditioning solutions tailored to your unique space and lifestyle. Our mission is to accord cleaner heating and cooling systems, reduce your energy expenses, while establishing a warm or cool sanctuary you can be comfortable throughout the year. 

Meet David Jennings

David Jennings, the visionary behind Taupo Heating Solutions, is the warm personality you should acquaint yourself with. Armed with over 20 years of proficiency in heating and cooling, he’s your certified Fujitsu installer – a true virtuoso. David’s focus lies in providing you with cost-effective, efficient heat pump and air conditioning solutions that don’t compromise on quality. And as for customer service? It’s his forte – anticipate nothing less than excellence. When not installing heat pump, he is mountain biking and sailing.

Why work with us?

Curious about our differentiating factors?
To start, we’re delighted to be recognised as Fujitsu Accredited Installers. This credential underscores our expertise in heat pumps and air conditioning. Moreover, our installations are backed by an impressive 6-year warranty – the lengthiest available in the market.
We’re deeply committed to offering you impeccable service on every occasion.
Our dedication revolves around delivering an unparalleled heating and cooling experience.

Ready to Embrace Coziness?

Connect with us at Taupo Heating Solutions, and we’ll gladly arrange a free consultation and furnish you with a comprehensive quote. Your comfort remains our outmost priority!